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“I ordered a Prince’s Wand from you not long ago. It was 1/4 inch diameter and 4 inches long with a hose attachment. I just wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of fun with my new toy.”

“I have been putting stainless steel rods up my cock for over 6 years. They feel soooo wonderful.”

“Steelwerks have wonderful and unusual products, but the extraordinary customer service is by far the best part of this Canadian company.”

“The inch an half transcrotal barbell (balls) weighed in at a full pound. Twice your estimate. My balls are heading for my knees. It’s size is obscene.”

“From contemplation to completion, Steelwerks produced a beautiful prince’s wand specifically to my order. The craftsmanship and fit are absolutely perfect...”

“Just thought I’d let you know, I got out of a long series of meetings yesterday to find that my wand was waiting for me at reception…”

“I was on my way home when I had stopped at a stop light. I was hit by a drunk driver on the passenger side of the car. The car was thrown across both lanes of highway and over turned. I had 6 ribs broken, my collar bone, left arm...”

“Really appreciate the quick replies to emails, and the turn around time on wand! Keeping me posted just seals what I must say is the best on-line shopping I have done on internet, thanks again, not a simple item to purchase to say the least!”

“My all-too-long desire for a Prince’s Wand finally came to a head today (pardon the unintentional pun) with the arrival of my package of “metal fittings’. The velvet case was a sight to behold as I was not expecting that.”

“I recently received my Prince’s Wand from Steelwerks…
It is perfect. The craftsmanship and attention to detail are superb.”


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