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“After doing research about the various options for long term chastity, my wife decided to purchase a custom made device from Steelwerks for the comfort, security and the aesthetics.”

“The product that we designed was completely unique. We were able to describe the product vision to Chris who then took our concept and turned it into a work of art!”

“I tried several types of chastity devices before contacting Steelwerks but none worked. In addition to not being secure, they were often visible, pinched like crazy, and were poorly made. I then bought a SCHANDMASKE...”

What is the Steelwerks experience really like? Well it is definitely much more than just ordering a chastity device for your cock. I want to explain that statement in detail, as I now own 3 Steelwerks custom cock cages.

“After doing extensive research and contacting several manufacturers, I decided to order a “Classic PA” from Steelwerks Extreme. When I spoke with Chris to give him the measurements, he was very professional, knowledgeable, and meticulous about getting everything right.

“My wife and I are quite familiar with male chastity, and have used this wonderful experience to our mutual enjoyment with a variety of cages and full metal belts.”

“As a long time practitioner of S&M, I have found that two elements are essential for changing a scene into a lifestyle. The first is an honest, and trusting relationship with your partner. The second is quality equipment...”

“I have never written a testimonial before in my life, but I wanted to let everyone know out there that is thinking of buying a chastity belt you absolutely cannot go wrong with steelwerks I have used every style and make of chastity device out there from the cb series, to mature metal, lori's...“

“I love being locked in a secure chastity device, having my sexuality firmly under the control of a keyholder who relishes that power and taunts me with denial while she’s free to explore her sexuality with anyone that pleases her.”

“I am a 55 year old fancy and kinky woman.

I have locked my husband into his chastity full time for 30 days non-stop. That include the penis tube, the 4 inches long wand, the cap and eventually the testicular container that I cannot wait to lock over his balls.”

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