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The Torture puzzle

What’s your game

This spiked chastity device of mind-bending innovation from our Discipline series is driven and defined by its almost limitless range of possibilities for extreme play, restriction, pleasure, or pernicion. It's ability to alter and fix the angle of the shaft courtesy of a hinged aspect anterior to the primary shaft ring and the unique underside double-pivoting connecting bar which…


The Erector set

Built for power

Total versatility was our intention when we devised this mechanized, electrified, jabberwocky of a spiked cock cage. Allowing an almost infinite range of possibilities for play, pleasure, or pernicion, while still precluding actual penetration. With hinged, pivoting, or extending aspects at almost every turn The Erector Set bends, extends, and retracts as he does. Enforced wear is achieved by…


The Dictator

Rule with pain

This spiked chastity device is designed to keep everything in absolute order. The Dictator is hingeless and restrains with solid unyielding restriction, while its eighteen retractable spiked chastity discipline screws work to inspire absolute submission. A bold take on a minimalist profile, it's covenant of extreme restraint and intensity culminates in the slow, deliberate tightening of the eighteen discipline screws…


The Bender

Flex time

This male chastity device is a super-restrictive yet ultra-minimal, high-intensity device defined by unrelenting constraint of his completely flaccid member. In a fixed, flaccid, bowed position his manhood is completely subdued with absolutely nowhere to go. As radically minimized device, the definitive form and function of The Bender is carefully considered for maximum function, wearability, and aggressive yet straightforward aesthetics...


The Crown of Thorns

Divine suffering embodied

This spiked cock cage is the crowning glory from our Discipline series cages. The acute, striking perfection of this quintessential total-containment cock cage stands as a paragon of divine suffering made manifest in cold hard steel. The Crown of Thorns straddles the line between the sacred and the profane, an unflinching implement of both restrictive constancy and sensory…


The Electrifier

Electrify the senses

This male chastity cage can be electrified for the male who is ready to scale new heights of intensity. You are just a cog in the machine as you feel the energy crackle through your very being. Your body becomes a conduit of raw power with this inspired electro chastity torture accessory. Who controls the current? Who has the power?…


The Iron Maiden

Full compliance gauntlet

Shock and awe of this male chastity cage is inevitable as the heavy metal power of this hinged chastising masterpiece slams shut on his unsuspecting manhood. This imposing and beautifully crafted beast is a masterwork from our Discipline series of male chastity devices. The ultimate authority offered by this powerful discipline chastity device culminates in the slow, deliberate tightening of…


The Frenum Maiden I

Piercing chastity discipline

This practical adaptation of male chastity cage is a popular option for those who wish to integrate a frenum piercing into their chastity experience. The extra degree of wearability, courtesy of its reduced profile, belies the high security offered by its integrated locking piercing jewelry, and a hidden surprise.... As the cold metal jaws of the Frenum Maiden chastise…


The Frenum Maiden II

Maximum security piercing

This male chastity device is practical adaptation of The Frenum Maiden I & is a popular option for those who wish to integrate a frenum piercing into their experience. This superbly crafted and versatile chastity device is a popular addition to our Discipline series with 8 adjustable chastity spikes and dorsal discipline shackle. The extra degree of wearability,…


The Courte Maiden

High efficiency gauntlet

The short, sharp, shock of this attenuated version of The Iron Maiden will bo no less likely to make its points well understood. This superbly crafted and versatile apparatus is a popular addition to our Discipline series of male chastity devices. The elimination of the cock ring provides an extra degree of comfortable wearability and a reduced profile, with no…


The Maiden’s Ring

Penetrating commitment

This innocent looking ring may be the deepest mark of commitment. This custom-fitted hinged shackle-ring can be made to measure with a flaccid or erect member in mind, depending on the desired effect. In either case, once the ring gently encircles the shaft just behind the glans, and the proprietary S-screws lock the ring closed, his commitment will be bound and…

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