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The Stack

Stackable hinged, locking scrotal weights. Stack together as many weight layers as you can handle and lock them into place with our proprietary S-screws.


Trans-scrotal piercings

Heavy duty jewelry for a heavy duty piercing. Our trans-scrotal jewelry is designed for those with a large hole through their scrotum.


The Ball Crusher

Scrotal discipline cuff with internal pressure spikes, matching front and rear discipline shackles, and of course our proprietary locking S-screws.


Scrotal cuff

Custom made to your specifications

Heavyweight hinged, locking scrotal cuff with multi-use locking attachment point.


Titanium chastity collar

Totally customized, titanium hinged, locking discipline chastity collar, machined from solid titanium. In this configuration it is a completely rigid traditional discipline collar.


Cock Ring

Cock rings and shaft rings are totally customizable and available in any size, weight, or design.



S-keys are an integral part of all Steelwerks Extreme's chastity devices. With a uniquely custom designed head, there is no way out of our chastity devices without one.

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