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The Necromancer

Dark beauty

This custom male chastity device pays homage to beauty at it's darkest. It is a sacrament of erotic art in primal motion and another testament to our unchallenged supremacy in the high art and precision science of extreme, erotic, functional art. Featuring a fully articulating spine composed of miniature steel skulls, this bio-mechanically revealed masterpiece is 100% made-to-measure for a…


The Exoskeleton

Perverted by nature

Once you submit to this male chastity cage, there will be no release. The evolution of it's predecessor The Creature chastity cage, The Exoskeleton is the mutant incarnation of your biomechanical reveries. Aggressive and sleek styling in mirror-polished surgical grade steel, the micro-welded fixed ribs of this thoracic theme follow through to a fixed slotted cap. A polished steel version of…


The Creature

Cage the beast

The fine art of the male chastity at it's best. This elaborate and striking design will surely keep the most unruly of animals safely contained in fully customizable comfort. Confluent surgical steel and titanium components for a striking display. This chastity cage 's unique highlights come alive in the full spectrum anodized colors to reflect your individual flare and tenor.

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