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The Alchemist

Master the elements

Representing the pinnacle of this extreme male chastity cage inspiration, revealed by the grand master of his craft, Chris Miers has elevated his esoteric art to entirely new realms of the imagination. This total containment of this megalith is a monument to the Steelwerks Extreme commitment to individually custom made perfection, made manifest by our new process of personalized impression…


The Steampunk

Grace under pressure

The steam powered prowess of this theatrical looking cage, with fully functional valves, is artful take on our Classic Lifestyle cage, sustaining our commitment to the long-term wearer, while embellishing a canonic sci-fi aesthetic. The definitive form and function of this creative stainless steel metal cock cage is carefully considered for maximum comfort, wearability, and hybrid…


The Deviator

Access denied

When complete sensory isolation and total control is the order of the day, this full-coverage control cage offers total containment for the ultimate prisoner of honor. Based on the paradigmatic SteelwerksExtreme Solid Classic chastity cage design, The Deviator was also fully considered with extended wear in mind, with the brilliantly devised “infinite” urethral insert with oblique urine release aperture. The crisp, clean…


The Predicament

Divide and conquer

This enthralling escape proof male chastity cage, a magnum opus of total encasement, will leave no dreams or nightmares of high-pressure isolation unfulfilled. From our innovative line of Concept series cages, The Predicament is a heavy metal fantasy that he cannot resist. By no means is this a  device for daily wear – this is maximum lockdown with the added tension of…

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