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  • Why can’t I find prices on your site?

    • Because Steelwerks exclusively makes custom devices, we are unable to list prices for items on our site. Our prices are based on the client’s design and individual specifications. While our chastity cages are on the higher end of the market, they can range in price between $1200.00 to as high as $10’000.00, however many of the cages on the site are in the $1400.00 to $2500.00 range. Most of our smaller custom accessories range in price from $300.00 to $600.00, depending on specifications and design. {All prices are quoted in USD}

  • How long can I wear one of your chastity cages?

    • Because our devices are solely made from surgical grade Stainless Steel or Titanium, they are 100% biocompatible with the body and resistant to water and all bodily fluids. We pride ourselves with having some of the lightest chastity devices available on the market so many of our devices are designed to be worn 24-7-365, while a few of them are strictly designed for short term use during play sessions or for a kinky weekend. For safety reasons we do ask our clients that are using urethra type devices to remove them at least once every 48 hours for a good cleaning, as the urethra can be a sensitive area. One very appealing factor to our cages that have urethra tubes, is that the cap an tube can be removed while he is still locked in the body of the cage, meaning both user and key holder will be confident of security even during cleaning time.

  • What is Chastity?

    • In the modern world the game of chastity has become an extremely popular way for couples of all walks of life to introduce new ideas of sex and games of control into their relationships. While many of our serious clients live the chastity lifestyle 24-7-365, some prefer to keep their kink to short play times over a weekend or in the evening. The idea of chastity for many is giving up control, by doing this they are showing how true their love and commitment is to their partner. In some cases the addition of pain and confinement is both self-fulfilling as it is rewarding to both the bottom and the top, user and key holder. Chastity is a game, be it a serious lifestyle commitment, it is a consensual game between two self-aware adults.

  • What is a Prince’s Wand?

    • Standard prince’s wands are an accessory to men that have a Prince Albert piercing, which is the piercing that penetrates the bottom of the glans and comes out the urethra. Some people buy prince’s wands for added pleasure through stimulating the urethra, while others like the idea of being able to urinate while standing up, as a PA piercing generally prohibits this. There are also Pin-less prince’s wands, which allow the user to wear a wand with the support of a ring behind the glans and not require a PA piercing.

  • What is the difference between Stainless and Titanium?

    • While Stainless Steel is the preferred choice amongst many clients, for those who want the lightest possible device on the market, Titanium is really the only choice when it comes to biocompatible materials. Titanium is approximately 50% lighter then stainless, however due to the higher cost in material and level of difficulty to machine it, the price will also increase. Titanium is also a material, which can be anodized, which allows us to change the color.

  • Do I need a piercing to wear a chastity device?

    • While a Prince Albert piercing is the ideal piercing for the ultimate in chastity security, all our devices are designed to be worn with or without a piercing, while still maintaining a high level of security and comfort. If you choose to wear a PA with your device, we generally recommend a minimum of 8g as smaller piercings are not recommended for play purposes.

  • Do I have to use the urethra tube with my chastity cage?

    • The urethra tube is an additional means of security that we offer to our clients who are concerned about being able to pull their penis backwards through the tube. The urethra tube prevents this while additionally allowing the user to urinate through the tube. The tube itself is secured through the inside of the cap, which means it can only be removed if the cap of the cage it taken off completely. The tube itself is simply an option and not detrimental to the security of the device.

  • Are your cages visible under clothing?

    • The visibility greatly depends on the design of the cage, the type of pants you wear and how you position yourself in your underwear. More often than not, our cages go unnoticed under clothing.

  • How do your cages lock?

    • Most of our cages and chastity related items lock with our proprietary S screw, however some have additional pad locks as an extra means of security. Both the S screw and S key are made by Steelwerks and can only purchased directly from us.

  • Are your chastity devices escape proof?

    • Our chastity devices are custom designed with both comfort and security in mind, while still retaining our signature style and design that we are known for. While our cages are very secure, we never guarantee this aspect of any device because anybody with enough determination will likely get out of anything if they are willing to put both themselves and the device in harms way. When asked this question, we often refer clients to this story as to who we view the game of chastity.

  • How do I clean my device?

    • Because all of our products are made from surgical grade Stainless Steel or Titanium, they are non- corrosive and can be boiled, autoclaved or even thrown in the dishwasher to get it super clean! We don’t recommend the use of rubbing alcohol or bleach as this can cause skin irritation if not properly washed away form the within the product. To get into the tight spaces a simple toothbrush and a bit of soap will get any of the hard to reach places cleaned out.

  • How do I measure for my chastity device?

    • Most people who come to us have had at least a little bit of experience with chastity before, be it with the standard plastic cages on the market or various other devices. This is a very good starting point as it allows us to hear what did and didn’t work best for you when fitted in said device. It also allows us to guide into how our cage will fit by comparison. If you are coming to us with zero chastity experience, you will need three things. A flexible measuring tape, an extra set of hands and the ability to measure using said tools. Using our size chart, you can use the measuring tape to measure the girth and length of your shaft, as well as the size of the support cock ring. We are always here to help you measure as best as possible, via phone and email. It should be noted that the one job you have as the end user is to get your sizing right and although we do our absolute best to guide you by any means possible, at the end of the day, without you penis directly in our hands, the final size is your responsibility, so please take great care in using our guidance to get your sizing correct right off the bat. Minor modifications will and can be done, often free of charge, however complete remakes, such as a new cock ring are not. We do not modify insertables.

  • How do I measure for my Prince’s wand?

    • Measuring for a wand is a very easy process, please refer to our chart here.

  • Will your devices set off alarms at the airport?

    • Most metals of this size will set off the metal detectors at airports, however we have found that many of our clients who purchase Titanium cage have less of a problem with this.

  • I live outside of Canada, is that a problem?

    • While we are based in Canada, many of our clients live all over the world and shipping isn’t an issue. Please know your import laws and tax values as different countries have varied value systems and taxes may be applied to imported goods.

  • How long does it take to have something made?

    • Our turn around time is changing all the time, however more often than not we try and work around a 4-6 week turn around.

  • How does payment work for my item?

    • For larger projects such as Chastity devices, we ask for a 50% deposit and the balance paid once we are complete and ready to ship. For smaller items such as Prince’s wands and various accessories we ask for payment in full before the piece is fabricated. We except Visa, MasterCard and Wire Transfers from most countries.

  • How do you ship?

    • We ship 99% of our packages in discreet brown boxes or envelopes via TNT or UPS.

  • Do you accept returns?

    • Do to the nature of our product, absolutely not.

  • Do you have a store where I can be sized for a device?

    • We do have a by appointment only location where we can meet and size our clients, however there is a minimum sizing fee of $250 which will be applied as a credit to your final order.

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