The Necromancer

Dark beauty

This custom male chastity device pays homage to beauty at it's darkest.  The Necromancer is a sacrament of erotic art in primal motion and another testament to Steelwerk's extreme, unchallenged supremacy in the high art and precision science of male chastity devices. Featuring a fully articulating spine composed of miniature steel skulls, this biomechanically revealed master work is 100% made-to-measure for a perfect fit. The Necromancer is the…


The Crucible

The Alchemist's crown

The Crucible is the head-only ultra-minimalist design inspired by The Alchemist full-coverage anatomy-molded chastity device. The Steelwerks Extreme commitment to true custom made perfection, is made manifest here by our exclusive process of personalized impression molding of the wearer's unique anatomy. The perfect fit is then precision machined from a solid ingot of titanium. The transfiguration is made complete with an opulent organic form and a…


The Alchemist

Master the elements

Representing the pinnacle of this custom male chastity device inspiration, revealed by the grand master of his craft, Chris Miers has elevated his esoteric art to entirely new realms of the imagination. This total chastizing megalith is a monument to the Steelwerks Extreme commitment to individually custom made perfection, made manifest by our exclusive process of personalized impression molding of the wearer's unique anatomy. The ultimate…


The Steampunk

Grace under pressure

The steam powered prowess of this theatrical looking male chastity device is a resplendent, artful take on our Classic Lifestyle chastity cages, sustaining our commitment to the long-term wearer, while embellishing a canonic sci-fi aesthetic. The definitive form and function of this creative master work is carefully considered for maximum comfort, wearability, and hybrid aesthetics. The anterior brass bladder release valve is fully functional, while additional…


The Schandmaske

Punitive wear

The Schandmaske is an ultra-minimalist männliche Keuschheitsgürtel (male chastity device) that come to a head with a cap-only locking penile crowns which features a short prince’s wand style, biocompatible urethral insert. This ultra-lightweight chastity device stays in place by exclusive means of the wearer’s piercings, bolstered by diametric customization to the wearer’s penile corona. Chastisement is firmly established in this super low…


The Prince's Collar

For proper posture

The Prince’s Collar represents unsurpassed comfort and wearability in an open-ended, fully secure shaft-only chastity device, without the encumbrance of a cock ring, reliant on a fully engaged locked-in Prince Albert piercing for premium security. Personalized fitting of the completely solid ultra-lightweight titanium shaft can be made-to-order with either a flaccid or erect member in mind, depending on the desired effect. As a tool of…


The Vault

Safeguard his honor

The male chastity cage is a radical yet practical variation on our extended-wear device designs with impenetrable maximum security to keep your valuables under state-of-the-art lock and key – designed with a Prince Albert piercing in mind. In this visually stunning high-powered adaptation of our master extended-wear male chastity cage, The Classic & The Vault flaunts a heavy-duty aesthetic and an unmatched balance between premium control, exciting…


The Classic Supreme

Master male chastity cage

The Classic Supreme male chastity cage stands in the top of it’s class as an unmatched Lifestyle cage design. A constant companion to even the most liberated man, his secret chaperone will remind him constantly of who is really in control. Exemplary of the enhanced master class of male chastity device, and conceived entirely with the full-time wearer in mind, the definitive form and…


The Short Story

Total negation

This male chastity device represents a practical addition to our Lifestyle chastity cage designs. Total negation for the man of smaller stature, this device has been conceived and mastered as the ultimate in ultra-compact fixed-cap design with full integration of a Prince Albert piercing. The diminutive form and function of this  device is unquestionably devised to abate and abbreviate the man who fully accepts his shortcomings,…


The Dictator

Rule with pain

This male chastity cage is designed to keep everything in absolute order. The Dictator is hingless and restrains with solid unyielding restriction, while its eighteen retractable spiked SW-head discipline screws inspire absolute submission. A bold take on a minimalist profile, t's covenant of restraint and intensity culminates in the slow, deliberate tightening of the eighteen pointed discipline screws that extend or retract into compliant flesh at…


The Thinktank

Head strong

Ultra-minimalist male chastity device innovation comes to a head in the SteelwerksExtreme Thinktank line of cap-only locking penile devices. This ultra-lightweight crown stays in place by exclusive means of the wearer’s piercings, bolstered by diametric customization to the wearer’s penile corona. The need for secure installation is firmly addressed in this super low profile male chastity device by means of personalized Steelwerks Extreme's signature locking piercing jewelry.


The Torture puzzle

What’s your game

This spiked male chastity cage of mind-bending innovation from our Discipline series is driven and defined by its almost limitless range of possibilities for play, restriction, pleasure, or pernicion. It's ability to alter and fix the angle of the shaft courtesy of a hinged aspect anterior to the primary shaft ring and the unique underside double-pivoting connecting bar which also serves to divide the testes when…


Full Metal Jacket

Lock and load chastity

This male chastity cage is a high-powered addition to our Lifestyle chastity cage series. When full coverage chastity isolation is the order of the day, this chastising tour-de-force comes through with supreme armoured encasement to keep any soldier solidly hunkered down under any conditions. This cage also boasts the radical full metal testicular containment we've termed: the castanet. The bulletproof look and decisive functionality of…


The Creature

Cage the beast

The fine art of the male chastity cage at its best, this elaborate and striking design will surely keep the most unruly of animals safely contained in fully customizable comfort. Confluent surgical steel and titanium components for a striking display, The Creature's unique highlights come alive in the full spectrum anodized colors to reflect your individual flare and tenor.

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