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This product line has been discontinued


Pinless Wands

Steelwerks Extreme has perfected the pin-less wand, a urethral insert offering all the penetrating sensation and wearability of a traditional prince's wand but without the need for a piercing. A retaining ring custom sized to fit just behind the corona keeps the wand securely in place.


Prince Albert wands

Our standard full length prince's wand consisting of a shaft, open bladder release spigot, removable threaded retaining pin for your Prince Albert piercing.


Prince Albert Short Wand

Ultra-short Prince Albert wand with coronal retaining ring. Intended for comfortable longer-term wear and more directed urine flow. (Prince Albert piercings often disrupt normal directional flow of urine. This type of wand may correct this problem.)


Prince Albert Ribbed Wands

A full length prince's wand featuring ribbing for the entire length of the shaft.


Prince Albert Custom Wand

SteelwerkeExtreme has gone above and beyond to satisfy your needs and fantasies in this highly specialized erotic realm with an endless array of possibility and the ability to totally customize any design to your exact specifications.


Prince Albert Chastity Wand + Padlock

Master Wand

Prince Albert Chastity piercing wand featuring full length shaft, integrated locking Prince Albert piercing, padlock, coronal retaining ring, and removable bladder release plug with discipline shackle.


Apadravya Wands

Anodized - Blue

Full length Prince's Apadravya wand featuring, blue anodised titanium components, coronal retaining ring, integrated Apadravya piercing with one piece barbell and removable bladder release plug with discipline shackle.


Apadravya Short Wands

Short prince's wand featuring with integrated Apadravya or Ampallang piercing with one piece barbell, interchangeable diamond studded bladder release plug and ribbed shaft rod.


Apadravya Ribbed Wands


Full length prince's wand featuring integrated Apadravya or Ampallang piercing with one piece barbell, textured shaft, and removable bladder release plug with pivoting discipline shackle.


Apadravya Chain Wand

Flexible full length wand with integrated Ampallang, Apadravya, or Prince Albert piercing and uniquely stylized bladder release plug. Available in any length.


Ampallang Wand

Integrated Ampallang and frenum piercing with coronal retaining ring featured on a medium length prince's wand. All our wand are customizable for almost any array of piercings. Let us help you design the wand that works for you.

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